He is the new darling of the fanzouzes. Monday August 31, 2020, Patrick Chanfray joined Cyril Hanouna’s team in TPMP. And the least we can say is that it made a remarkable debut. With his column Le JT avant le JT by Patrick Chanfray, the new recruit of the C8 talk show has succeeded in the difficult bet of seducing viewers, who are eager to meet him every night. Here are 3 things you might not know about him.

1. He is from Burgundy

As his biography indicates on the Rire & Chansons radio website, Patrick Chanfray was born on June 7, 1981 in Mâcon, Burgundy. After obtaining his baccalaureate, he performed his own sketches in a café-theater in the city, where he was noticed by the members of the jury of the Villeurbanne Festival. The young humorist then landed a stint on the stage of the Complexe du Rire in Lyon. A very promising start to his career.

2. He was a columnist on France 2

Revealed to the general public in La Grosse Émission on the Comédie + channel, Patrick Chanfray also worked on France 2. In 2017, he joined the team of the magazine AcTualiTy, presented every afternoon by Thomas Thouroude. Recruited for his good humor and humor, he presents an offbeat horoscope of the guest of the day. Due to lack of audience, the daily program is deprogrammed after one season. In parallel, he presents humorous capsules in Le Petit Journal on Canal +.

3. The stars of humor

Chosen to provide the opening acts for Florence Foresti and the duo Omar and Fred, Patrick Chanfray was entrusted with the staging of the show Partouze sentimentale de Constance in 2015. For several months, he has appeared regularly on the program Friday everything is allowed, presented by Arhur, alongside his colleagues Artus, Booder and Gérémy Crédeville.

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