‘Pato’ Araujo, former Chivas player, won the fourth season of Exatlón

This Sunday, the final of the Exatlon Mexico totally live. One of the favorites to win the competition from day one, was Patricio araujo, former Chivas player and U-17 World Champion.

Throughout the competition, the captain of that golden generation, gave something to talk about, so that several fans of the most demanding sports reality, did not want the footballer to raise the cup, since, they believed that their attitudes leave much to be desired .

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Araujo was the most consistent competitor throughout the season, being the most effective man in the competition. In the final he faced one of the most beloved, Javi Márquez. To know the winner, the competitor had to win three circuits of five

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Patricio Araujo took the first, while the second went to Javi Márquez. The owner of the third circuit went to the center and for the fourth possible final, the native of Colima, ended up taking the reality show. Of course, his victory divided the fans, who assured that his victory was more deserving, while another part of the audience believes that because of his attitudes, he should not have won.