Pato Araujo and Mati Álvarez are the winners of the Exatlón México 2021 – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Patricio Araujo was the winner in the men’s branch of Exatlón México 2021 by beating Javi Márquez in the Final, while in the women’s branch Mati Álvarez triumphed over Evelyn Guijarro in duels that ended 3-1 and 3-0 respectively and without need for a fifth circuit.

At the close of the fourth season of the popular reality show, emotions were at the height of the game and led the U-17 World Champion to burst into tears as he remembered the hard times he had to overcome in his life, in addition to remembering his partner, Zudikey Rodríguez, who left the competition due to personal situations.

“She knows that I love her and this is for her. (…) From my heart I want all of Mexico to hear that this is for her, thank you, ”said the champion with Chivas at the 2006 Apertura.

“I remember her well, Chucho Ramírez contemplated many of us, perhaps we were not the best. Sometimes they will say no to you and they will never know what will happen if we do not achieve that effort, if we do not do it every day. I invite you not to give up, fight like us, “he added, recalling the 2005 Peru title.

It should be remembered that Araujo was also a finalist in the second season, although on that occasion he lost to Aristeo Cázares.