Pati Chapoy asks Danna Paola to testify against Eleazar Gómez

Pati Chapoy asks Danna Paola to testify against Eleazar Gómez (Reform)

Pati Chapoy asks Danna Paola to testify against Eleazar Gómez | Reform

The famous driver Pati chapoy he begged the singer Danna Paola breaking the silence about her ex-boyfriend Eleazar Gómez: “It would be good for women”, and some users even believe that he should join the complaints against him.

As you recall, Danna Paola’s ex-boyfriend, Eleazar Gomez, is currently in custody for having hit, bitten, assaulted and tried to strangle his girlfriend, Stephanie Valenzuela, and the fierce fight reportedly started after the actor proposed to him and the model did not accept his proposal.

After the great scandal was made public, other women who were romantically linked with Eleazar raised their voices to join the complaints for physical violence against the actor.

Such was the case of Jeanette Karam, who also suffered physical, psychological and verbal abuse while maintaining a relationship with the Mexican actor.

It is well known that Danna Paola He had a six-year relationship with Eleazar Gómez and their romance was quite controversial, since although in the telenovela “Dare to Dream” they starred in a beautiful romance, in real life it was the opposite.

Many reports have repeatedly claimed that the actor was very jealous, possessive and agr3sivo with the protagonist of “Elite”, in addition to being nine years older than her, since Eleazar was 23 years old and Danna 14.

And this is how now that Eleazar was arrested, some users on social networks began to relive the strong fight he had with Danna Paola in the past, pointing out that he had a violent history with several of his former partners.

Similarly, the entertainment journalist, Pati chapoyHe commented on his program that it would be a very good thing for Danna to also testify against Eleazar, since she was also a victim of his rape.

It would be something out of the ordinary and something good for all the women if she (Danna Paola) joined these complaints, ”said Chapoy.

In addition, as if that were not enough, last Thursday, when the arrest of Eleazar Gómez was announced, Daniel Bisogno recalled that he once witnessed the mistreatment of the actor towards Danna Paola.

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During “Ventaneando”, the driver confessed that once he saw them and Eleazar struggled with the singer, however, although he thought of approaching to help her, he later saw how they kissed, as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, on Friday “Ventaneando” interviewed Jeanette Karam, a model who also suffered physical, psychological and verbal violence from Gómez.

As she had already expressed on the Maxine Woodside program, Jeanette reiterated that she broke up with the actor for viol3nto.

It is very difficult for me to speak, because it is something that hurt me a lot. He hurt me in ways I cannot explain and caused me deep wounds. During the year that we were dating, I suffered physical, verbal and psychological violence from Eleazar ”, he confessed.

She even made it known that she felt identified with the current act of violence that Stephanie experienced during the past week.

Right now it’s hard for me to go into details of everything he did to me, but what I can tell you is that how Stephanie saw herself, I got to see myself, and if this happened to her while she was with him for two months, I just want to May you imagine what I could experience in a year and a half ”.

After the stir you’ve caused Eleazar Gomez, for attacking his partner Stephanie Valenzuela, other artists who were also the actor’s girlfriends have raised their voices and denounced the acts of violence that they lived by his side, with the exception of Danna Paola, because so far he has not mentioned anything about it .

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