Pastrana, sweet ending –

Arms in the air, shout of rage and unanimous applause. That feeling that boxers feel when they win is unique and this Saturday Joana pastrana he experienced it in his flesh for the last time. At the age of 30, she has made the decision to retire from boxing and does so as the European minimum weight champion, in a WiZink Center delivered, after defeating France’s Anne Sophie Da Costa by unanimous decision (triple 100-90). There couldn’t be a sweeter ending to his career. Leave it when you want. Enjoying the road and starting a new stage. His professional career has not been long (5 years), but it has allowed him to be part of history. He goes with three World Cups and four Europeans. Legend.

Almost 2,000 people, being in the center of the WiZink or thinking that it was her last time did not detract from Joana’s concentration one iota. He came out with a poker face and with his eyes pointing in only one direction: his rival. He had the look of the big days and he manifested it in combat. The greats of history say, among them Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martínez, that the feint is the basis to mentally tire your rival. Pastrana gave a recital. From the first moment he deceived and when Da Costa did not expect it, he struck. Simple, but at the same time very complicated to do. In the first round the Frenchwoman was able to get to the face of the Spanish, in a slight way, but from the final moments of that round it was over. The champion took everything off.

Raise your right elbow. Put the hook“Nico González and Álvaro Gil-Casares yelled at him on the corner. Then Joana’s knuckles dug into the visitor’s liver. Action Reaction. There was the way. The triumvirate that they form has been the great key to success and it was repeated again. They had Da Costa studied and the only thing left was to execute. In the third round, the gala was almost KO and threw the mouthpiece for the bell to save him. Joana might have been nervous, but her temperance is another of her characteristics. He kept working and from the fifth round his opponent did not want to enter as before. It hurt him.

The KO was flying over the ring. The book would have been written alone, but Da Costa showed that endurance and courage are his hallmarks. The Spanish did not tire of trying, she emptied herself in her last two minutes as a boxer. We had to go to the cards, but nothing to blame on the champion. Pastrana gave his last recital. With the demonstrated level, her goodbye is even more sad, but she wanted to be the owner of her destiny. She leaves as a champion and with the feeling that another World Cup could come. There will be no more. She wants another way. Thanks and good luck, Joana.

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