Past governments increased dependence on gas to the US

Pedro Dominguez

Mexico City / 18.02.2021 08:27:14

The CEO of CFEnergía and CFE Internacional, Miguel Reyes Hernández, pointed out that Mexico has become dependent on natural gas that is imported from the United States for power generation. This, as a result of the contracts for gas pipelines made during past six-year terms.

The official highlighted that, in Mexico, electricity generation depends on gas by 64 percent, since the national production was not linked and the Federal Commission was abandoned of Electricity (CFE); prioritizing agreements like the one with Texas.

« The contracts were made in the last two administrations of a private gas pipeline network, it is not from the CFE, the contracts in the United States are 18 transport contracts, those of supply are 24 and last between 15 and 25 years.

« The payment commitment amount we have each year, in the case of transportation, is 60 billion pesos and in gas supply, 75 billion pesos, » he said at the morning conference.

In addition, he highlighted that, in past governments, CFE was only awarded contracts for less than 10 percent of international contracts. He argued that this is one of the reasons for the current problems in gas supply, since demand has ups and downs and « presents a peak » when the frosts begin.

“Residential gas consumption rises, electricity generation rises, that is, what increases the demand is the consumption in homes due to the cold, heating in homes, establishments. We are talking about twice what Mexico consumes, it is the increase in gas demand in the United States ”, he highlighted.

In the same way, he argued that the demand for electricity grew and there were sources of generation that fell, including the main source of natural gas for Mexico: Texas, which soared more than 5 thousand percent.