The popular Dropbox cloud storage service has been surviving for years in an area where it has strong competition: that of services such as OneDrive, Google Drive or iCloud which, although they were released several years later (Dropbox has been around since 2007) They have the backing of the giants of the technology sector.

Now, Dropbox seems to want to bet on stand out from the rest by standing out in the field of privacy and cybersecurity, something very appropriate in a time when news of hacks and data leaks are the order of the day.

And with that objective, the platform has announced in the last hours that its new privacy features, available so far only in closed beta, are now available to all Dropbox users (although not all will be available for all account types):

Computer Backup

The first of the new features announced yesterday (and the only one available to all Dropbox users) by the San Francisco-based company is automatic backup of files from our PC or Mac: it will give us the option to choose one or more folders and the backup will be synchronized automatically.

Dropbox Passwords

The password manager Dropbox Passwords will allow store online and encrypt user passwords, as well as synchronize them on all devices (desktop and mobile). Additionally, Dropbox Passwords will also suggest strong, randomly generated individual passwords for our online services. Available for Dropbox Plus and Professional accounts.



Available only to Dropbox Plus users, aims to constitute a “safe vault” for sensitive files of its users (such as scans of tax and identification documents), which will be kept safely after a PIN code. Unlike all other Dropbox files, a local copy of the files will not be created on the user’s device.

Other functions

But not all the news announced yesterday by Dropbox are limited to privacy. On the contrary, subscribers of the professional plan of the platform will have access to two other exclusive functions:

“Brand sharing”: Allows users to customize the files and documents they share from their repositories by adding their brand and logo.


“Traffic and information”: Makes it easy to keep track of all interactions with shared files and folders; Through viewing and download analytics, we will be able to know who clicked on the link, what device they used, when they accessed it, and if they viewed or downloaded the content from it.

Via | The Verge

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