The life of the players of the NBA It has not always colored roses. If we told a few days ago the stories of overcoming Steve Adams and Clint Capela, that of Pascal Siakam not far behind. In 2014, the father of the Raptors player died and he set a goal: to play in the NBA.

07/22/2020 08:07

The current Hawks center lived a very difficult childhood, which gave him a bombproof mentality that led him to the best league in the world.

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His father had that dream, that one of his offspring would one day come to play in the best league in the world and Siakam set himself the goal of achieving it no matter what it took. The dedication and work he put in was worth it, but he had to suffer a lot to get where he is.

Pascal was not alone in this long distance race to achieve his dream, his brother Christian did not leave him alone at any time. He would accompany him on his night breaks to play at the Raptors facilities, shortly after being drafted and, also, when he needed to relax a little and think about something other than basketball, he was also there.

A soccer fan who was close to being a priest

The Raptors player was born in Douala, Cameroon, on April 2, 1994. He was one of the 6 children of the mayor of Makenene, named Tchamo. This man always wanted his children to leave the African country to have a better life, but like many children in his country, Pascal was a great soccer fan and his idol was Samuel Eto’o.

His older brothers went to the United States to play basketball in the NCAA, while Tchamo, who is the Cameroonian father, wanted his youngest son to study religious and become a priest, so he sent him to study to a strict seminar.

He met Mbah a Moute and his life changed

Despite deeply hating the seminary, young Pascal’s grades were excellent and he was continually praised by his teachers. In 2011 he participated in a campus organized by Luc Mbah a Moute, current player of the Rockets, and he was impressed with the capabilities of the young Siakam, so he invited him to participate in another event that was organized a year more afternoons in South Africa.

Despite the fact that the NBA champion did not want to go because basketball was not passionate about him, he learned that a sister of his would be there, so he went to meet her again. That year he also met Ibaka and Luol Deng, which made him genuinely interested in basketball.

He was a player who excelled tremendously physically, but his abilities to play the sport of the basket were not very visible. However, this was not going to defeat him. He struggled to be better and after the call in which he was informed of the death of his father, it was clear that the dream of playing in the NBA was not going to escape him.

He fought with all his soul and an injury from a teammate opened the doors for him to play with the University of New Mexico. In his second year he had more than 20 points and 12 rebounds on average and realized that he was ready to make the leap to the NBA. The Raptors picked him 27th in the 2016 Draft and since then he hasn’t stopped improving.

The company of his brother Christian has always been a great support for him and from playing in the G League and making brief appearances in the NBA, he has gone on to play the All-Star and be the star of the current NBA champion. An example that these men are not given anything and they have to fight like anyone else to achieve their goals.