Party Thor would star in his own episode on What If …?

Editing of Thor and What If ...?

At last new details arrive about the episodes that we will see in the animated series “What if …?” coming to Disney + this August. We still have to treat it as a rumor but according to The Illuminerdi, Thor could star in his own episode.

It looks like your episode will explore the setting in which never find his humility on EarthInstead, he decides to throw an intergalactic party. Thor would become what they call Party thor, the person Thor would have become if he hadn’t found his humility on his hero journey in 2011’s Thor. Rather than being banished to Earth, Thor will arrive in Midgard to celebrate a huge intergalactic party that could mean the end of the world as we know it.

This is the Thor that is said to have in the lower poster, although we do not yet know how he manages to win the Mjolnir.

Low-quality promotional poster for the animated series What If ...?Low-quality promotional poster for the animated series What If ...?

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Via information | The Illuminerdi

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