Partially collapses a building in Miami trapping its residents under the rubble

A Surfside building in Miami Beach partially collapsed early Thursday morning where rescue units are in the process of removing debris and helping victims trapped by kas for which a number has not been specified so far, reported the Fire Department of Miami-Dade.

County police confirmed via Twitter that it was Chaplain Towers, a 12-story, 100-apartment condominium built in 1981 on the waterfront. Likewise, more than 80 technical rescue units and trucks were sent to the scene of the event that would have occurred around 02:00 am local time.

From Jackson Memorial Hospital, where most of the wounded were transferred, journalist Yusnaby Pérez reported that the death of one person was suspected.

Images posted on social media showing the pile of rubble after the collapse became popular within minutes.

Currently, the road accesses to the Surfside area, which run along Collins Avenue north of the Miami Beach city limits, are kept completely closed, so the authorities ask not to transit through the place.

Already at the scene, the Miami Beach firefighters indicated through Twitter that they were working on the collapse of the building “with multiple patients” and requested the assistance of “all available units.”

Exclusive images from Telemundo 51 showed the moment when a group of firefighters rescued a child, who appeared to be conscious but whose health status is unknown so far.

Surfside police spokeswoman Marian Cruz told the media that the back of a 12-story apartment building partially collapsed and that firefighters were conducting rescue work, adding that other affected residents were taken to the Surfside Community Center, at Collins Avenue and 93rd Street.

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