Part of the family: Coti Sorokin’s wink to Marcelo Tinelli

Marcelo Tinelli at the opening of ShowMatch 2019 (Photo: LaFlia / Negro Luengo) Marcelo Tinelli at the opening of ShowMatch 2019 (Photo: LaFlia / Negro Luengo)

The pandemic moved the foundations of Argentine television, modifying all the plans. Fictions stopped being recorded (Separated It is an emblematic case: it was truncated), the live cycles changed their dynamics to be able to continue airing and the coronavirus also reached television studios, which were not left out of the contagions.

In that scenario, the Dancing 2020 it could not be. Marcelo tinelli sought to air his ShowMatch in May, but the extension of the quarantine (at that time it was thought that it could be lifted at any time) ended up ruining their plans. This is how the Singing 2020 aired instead, for a simple reason: singing allows a social distance that dancing prevents.

In this way, several celebrities – who had even begun to rehearse the choreographies at home – were left in the dark. Like a song: “Over there”, from Coti Sorokin. Tinelli had chosen her for the opening of the program that would never air. “We hit rock bottom and see each other again, I hold the hand that you give me with joy, We draw the veil that hides the most beautiful part, And we open the door to the future without looking back”, is the first paragraph of a topic written before the pandemic , but that seems opportune for later.

But at the end of the day, the relationship between Marcelo and Coti is more than cordial, grounded in the professional. Although in these weeks it mutated, moving to a personal level, closer. It happens that the singer is dating one of the driver’s daughters, Cande tinelli.

United: Coti Sorokin and Cande Tinelli (Photos: Instagram) United: Coti Sorokin and Cande Tinelli (Photos: Instagram)

The rumor has been going on for a while – there is talk of a romance that began months ago – but it was confirmed this week, with a photo that Candelaria posted on her account. Instagram: “Ke esteeees only with the good guys that you are” (SIC), he wrote next to a selfie that he took with Sorokin in Mendoza. And that ended up provoking the anger of the ex-wife of the author of “Hope color”.

This Saturday 21 the younger sister of the singer has her birthday: Juanita Tinelli is already 18 (time flies!). And his father published different greetings on his social networks. In one he appears in a file photo, reading a poster on the air next to his daughter – a result of his relationship with the dancer Paula Robles-, who was just a child. “My beautiful penis! Marcelo wrote. Always partner! I can’t believe you are already turning 18. I love you so so much”.


But also, he uploaded a photo with his five children, taken in the garden of his house. There appear Francisco, Micaela, little Lorenzo and Cande and Juana themselves. “Happy birthday, beloved Juanita. Beautiful Saturday ”, he put next to the image. And among the large number of likes and comments that the president of San Lorenzo one in particular stands out: Coti left a heart.


Because – I said – although his relationship with Bolívar’s man is previous, the musician is now part of the family, although his link with the it girl has not yet been defined with any label, at least publicly.

Next year could be different from this very particular 2020. The chances of having a vaccine are certain. And in that case, television could take a break and regain some normality. If so, ShowMatch 2021 it would be a reality. And maybe “Over there” – with that letter so in line with the day after the coronavirus – is used in the opening. But for that, it is missing. As much as to know in what type of relationship Coti and Tinelli would find themselves. Because the romance with Cande is going very well. But time to time. In matters of the heart, it is always advisable to be prudent.


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