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The Last of Us: Part II debuted a couple of weeks ago and players have already been able to try it out to discuss its level design and story. This is why it is striking that it was revealed that his story was going to be a little different from the one we received and that it was also close to being an open-world project.

In a recent interview with IGN, Neil Druckmann, director of The Last of Us: Part II, spoke about the game’s development process. In the talk he touched on some of the initial ideas for the sequel to the acclaimed 2013 game.

Before continuing it is important to note that Druckmann’s responses include spoilers. So, if you have not yet played The Last of Us: Part II we recommend you stop reading here and come back later. On warning there is no deception.

WARNING: spoilers for The Last of Us: Part II below:

In the talk, Druckmann noted that originally the plan was for The Last of Us: Part II to be an open-world game. Interestingly, this would cause us to spend more time in Jackson, Wyoming, the community in which Joel and Ellie made a living after the events of the first game.

“The game was originally this open world thing. And you were spending all this time in Jackson, ”Druckmann explained.

An interesting point is that the amount of time players spent in Jackson was going to change the way Abby, one of the protagonists in The Last of Us: Part II, would be introduced to the story.

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According to Druckmann, in one of the original plans for the story Abby was going to join the Jackson community as an infiltrator. So, after a while she would betray Joel by ending his life.

« Abby joined the community and you played as the new character until later she betrayed Joel. It just didn’t work because Joel’s death is the incident that motivates [la historia] and you want that to happen as soon as possible « , he stressed.

Interestingly, Druckmann acknowledged that the original idea is that Abby was to have a more prominent role in the sequel. That said, they shrunk it until they found the right measure for the player to empathize with their cause.

“Abby was the concept that made us want it to be a game about empathy, interactivity; knowing that we could use Joel and Ellie to create that feeling at the start. Her role was getting smaller and smaller until we felt we had the correct proportion of what you needed to feel about Abby, « he concluded.

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The Last of Us: Part II is available for PlayStation 4 from June 19. You can know more about this title by reading our review or by clicking here.