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The Last of Us: Part II debuted a month ago and many people are barely having a chance to finish it. It has left such an impression on some that they have decided to pay tribute. Recently we were struck by one that reminded us of Street Fighter II.

An illustrator who is known on Twitter as _einzbern, made an amazing Ellie animation from The Last of Us: Part II in highly detailed pixel art style. In it the protagonist of this story appears among the flora of Seattle with a knife and hand and ready to defend herself.

Curiously, the high quality of the animation was not the main reason why it went viral. What happens is that in it Ellie appears in a position that reminds us of Ryu in the intro of Super Street Fighter II. Also, the movements in the animation look very similar to the classic fighting game.

Do you want to see it? You can check it out below:

It should be mentioned that the similarity with Street Fighter is not intentional. On Twitter, _einzbern made it clear that this is a coincidence, that said, she confessed that the Super Street Fighter II intro was one of the things that motivated her to learn how to make pixel art.

Neil Druckmann saw the tribute to The Last of Us: Part II

It is worth mentioning that this art went viral to the degree that it reached the eyes of Niel Druckmann, director of The Last of Us: Part II. How do we know? The director shared it on his Twitter account.

On that social network, Druckmann said he loved the animation since he is a huge fan of Super Street Fighter II. You can see his tweet below:

What do you think about it? Did you ever expect to see a tribute like that? Tell us in the comments.

The Last of Us: Part II is available exclusively for PlayStation 4. You can learn more about the latest Naughty Dog project by clicking here.