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Today is a special day for gamers, as after years of waiting The Last of Us: Part II debuted, one of the most anticipated sequels in the entire industry. Naughty Dog shared a special message with his fans to celebrate the launch of the title.

Neil Druckmann, Vice President of Naughty Dog and Director of The Last of Us: Part II, spoke a bit about the development process of the game and invited all fans of the first installment to enjoy it, as it is the result of at least 7 years continuous work.

Druckmann wants everyone to know the story of The Last of Us: Part II

Through the PlayStation blog, Druckmann stated that, since they started development, they knew that The Last of Us: Part II was going to be somewhat risky. The reason? The first installment was very successful and its characters left a great impression on the players.

For this reason, Naughty Dog did not know for sure if it was a good idea to return to his world and tell another story with its protagonists. “In fact, we debated for a while whether we were going to do it, but the problem was that we had come up with a concept of history that inspired us. It felt exciting and intrinsic to the world of The Last of Us, but more importantly, it felt like a story that needed to be told, ”said Druckmann.

The creative noted that the sequel is more than just a revenge story. The Last of Us: Part II is for Druckmann a story of obsession and what someone is capable of doing to achieve justice and for what he loves.

When is the time to let go? And when should you hold on at any price? This is a story of trauma, redemption and empathy, « added the creative. To celebrate the launch, PlayStation shared the trailer that you can see below:

We remind you that Naughty Dog prepares the launch of various collectibles of the sequel. Among the merchandise are sequel-themed guitars. On the other hand, the franchise has an official podcast that will soon talk about everything related to The Last of Us: Part II.

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The Last of Us: Part II debuted today exclusively for PlayStation 4. Find more information about him at this link. Here you can read our review.