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Today, June 19, is a great day for PlayStation and Naughty Dog fans, as The Last of Us: Part II debuted this day, after several years of development and a couple of delays. As we mentioned days ago, the title was very well received by specialized critics to such an extent that it was considered one of the best games of the generation. However, his big debut has been clouded a bit by a barrage of negative reviews.

With the premiere of The Last of Us: Part II, it is now possible to cast a user review on Metacritic, a platform that brings together both press and fan reviews. As expected, a few hours after its debut, the title already has many reviews and most are negative.

At the time of writing the note, the game has 12150 user “reviews”, of which 1227 are positive, 147 are varied and 4471 are negative, which together makes the average rating 3.3. To put it in comparison, we tell you that the game has a 9.5 rating from the specialized press. Although some users explain their opinion, there are others who only write the rating along with spoilers. Many point out that the game has parts of Social Justice Warriors and that the story is bad, as is the character development.

In case you missed it: The Last of Us: Part II lasts almost twice as long as the original installment.

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The bombardment of reviews frequently affects exclusive games

As you can see, this is a blitz of negative reviews, a common practice in the electronic entertainment industry. It can be easily identified because much of the ratings are zeros. These situations occur more when a title is exclusive to some platform and that is highly acclaimed and expected, which perfectly describes The Last of Us: Part II.

Unfortunately, this can be a very negative thing, for some people, since those who do not know much about the game can get carried away by the ratings of the users, who incidentally, do not need to finish the title, or even play it to issue a rating . As of yet, it is unknown if Metacritic will take action on the matter, but it is very likely that it will later remove the ratings with zeros, something that happened with Astral Chain.

What do you think about this? Did you expect The Last of Us: Part II to be bombarded with negative reviews? Tell us in the comments.

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To celebrate the launch of the game, it was revealed that there will be plenty of official merchandise and impressive murals were painted in Europe. We also tell you that a Mexican participated in the most recent project of Naughty Dog and LEVEL UP had the opportunity to talk with him.

The Last of Us: Part II is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4. You can find more news related to it by visiting this page.

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