Parliamentarians accuse closing tables and the inability of voters to cast their vote

The president of PPD, Heraldo Muñoz, He went to his polling place in the commune of Santiago with the intention of voting in the 2020 Primary Elections. However, he was unable to accomplish his mission, as he discovered that his table was not constituted.

« It is a scandal », expressed to the press, « that those of us who are registered and have come to vote we have not been able to exercise our right, because some tables are closed, like mine, when they should have merged with other tables that are working”, Claimed the President of the PPD and presidential candidate.

Holding the Serve accountableHe assured that he has « received complaints from many people who went to vote and found their tables closed ”.

« I don’t know what the outcome of these primaries will be after so many people were barred from voting. It is really unfortunate. It is a very bad sign for the primaries legal that are seen today terribly questioned ”.

And he added: “We have information of a serious situation of lack of coordination on the part of the Servel to merge tables due to lack of vowels, instead of closing them. This it can be a disaster if the Servel does not act and correct quickly”.

Heraldo Muñoz, whose voting table at the Escuela Libertadores de Chile was closed, stamped a claim before a delegate of the Servel.

As he pointed out in his accusations, the former foreign minister was not the only one who faced this situation.

The Senator Francisco Chahuán He said he was very concerned about the lack of established polling stations and the inability of several people to vote.

« We are very concerned because indeed the instruction by the Servel is that the tables not constituted before 10 o’clock are closed. In addition, according to the Servel introductions, there should not be a merger of tables, ”said parliamentarian RN.

« I want to ask the National Director of the Servel -Patricio Santa María- to finally adopt all the necessary measures, so that people who want to vote today can do so. We believe, without a doubt, that there has been an instruction that does not depend on the local chiefs, but rather on the Servel « , accused Senator Chahuán.

The claim for the inability to vote was also expressed by various candidates who participate in the Primaries to governors and mayors during this day.

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From command National RenewalHe, expressed that they regret the difficulty in setting up tables and described it as an « alarm » signal.

« This situation has been repeated in different places because I have been calling the party candidates and the opinion is low, the tables are not all constituted and the people who make an effort to go, end up not voting and do not return”, He stated Rafael Prohens, President of RN and senator for Atacama.

« I think this is an alarmAlthough it is true that many people voted for the plebiscite, one may think that this was an exceptional case, but nothing guarantees that the next elections will have the same echo « , adding that »it is necessary to make more dissemination by the entire voting system, both the Servel and the political parties, and let the people know. If that is not fulfilled, it is necessary to think about another system of inscription and vote, in the case of Primary ”.

In conversation with 24H, Patricio Santamaría -Director of the Servel- reported that more than 90% of the polling stations were set up, with just over 2,000 polling stations.

« There are tables that are not working, but the effort is being made « said for 24H. « There are people that They claim that the table has not been constituted, but perfectly three of those people can constitute the table and exercise their vote”, He assured.

« You have to keep in mind that even in previous elections, not all the tables could be constituted « Santamaría added before the claims of the inability to vote by a group of voters.

Regarding the participation in the process -which at noon of these Primaries was notably lower than in the Plebiscite of October 25-, he said that “participation does not depend on the Servel, we are prepared for 14 million voters to arrive ”.

Calling for participation, he highlighted the importance of exercising the right to vote. “It is very important that tomorrow We are not saying ‘Again they are electing the candidates between four walls’. Let’s not lose the opening”He said before denying that there is a‘ boycott ’by the entity.

« I don’t see a boycott, but probably little movement from the parties. I understand that the parliamentarians have been very busy with issues such as the budget and the second withdrawal of 10%, but since I can remember, it is the candidates who make themselves known to the public, ”said the Director of the Servel.

Through his Twitter account, Servel answered the doubts of Deputy Diego Ibañez in the face of the large number of closed tables: “According to article 63 of Law 18,700, tables cannot be installed after 12 noon. If neither the selected members nor the voters arrive, it is not possible to set up the table ”.

Regarding the merger of tables, Servel said: “Law 20,640 only allows the merger of tables by Servel prior to the primary elections. The regulations do not consider the merger once the number of tables has been determined ”.