Park Chan-Wook directing the television adaptation of ‘The Sympathizer’

A24 has acquired the rights to make a television series based on Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Pulitzer-winning novel, ‘The Sympathizer’. The studio has partnered with Rhombus Media to develop an adaptation that will feature renowned South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook (‘Oldboy’) as director, in what will be his second television series after BBC’s ‘The Little Drummer Girl’. One.

Published in 2015 by Grove Press, ‘The Sympathizer’ focuses on a half French, half Vietnamese man who served as a spy for Communist forces during the Vietnam War. The novel follows the anonymous protagonist as he experiences the last days of the historic war, lives in exile in Los Angeles, and continues to move through Southeast Asia.

Since its launch, the play has garnered rave reviews and won several awards in 2016, including the aforementioned Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, the Edgar Prize for Best Debut Novel, and the Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction. After six years, Nguyen has recently published the second installment of the novel entitled ‘The Committed’.