Paris Hilton the boss and Kim Kardashian the assistant

Chronology of a photographed and televised friendship, which invented the modern ‘celebrity’.

Used to making her life a reality show, Kim Kardashian She started the year by divorcing rapper Kanye West after six years of marriage. Here is her first photo without an engagement ring.

The other side is the other great socialite, Paris hilton, who is engaged and her ring is bigger than Kim’s.

It wasn’t all the glamor for the Kim that we know. At that time when I was accompanying Paris it went into the background. Kim acted as a human spine to support the back of Paris, which leaned on hers.

On this red carpet Paris I chose ‘dresscode’, in this case they are pastel colors. Kim he obeyed orders without question.

Kim was the personal shopper of Paris. She chose and Kim paid. An excellent division of tasks.

At events, the brunette was a companion. Is it us or Kim kardashian look with envy at Paris hilton?

Before she became world famous for her selfies or her relationship with Kanye West, Kim she went everywhere with the heiress to the Hilton hotels, always posing behind her.

Paris She was the girl of the moment and the one who stole all the spotlight Kim He was driving so the blonde could smile for the cameras.

Paris set the trend with the iconic fuchsia pink tracksuit and large handbags.

The brunette copied perfectly and thus began to have her own name.

That’s how it all started, with a fun trip to Australia.

And so it is now: Paris hilton lost fame and Kim she became everything we know today, without forgetting who made her famous.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian they have forever changed the meaning of what it means to be famous in the 21st century.

Paris Hilton the boss and Kim Kardashian the assistant