Paris Hilton has a dream that interests her more than continuing to accumulate wealth

Paris hilton He has never wanted to hide the magnitude of his professional ambitions and the economic expectations that he wanted to fulfill thanks to his perfumes, jewelry, occasional forays into the world of music and other business initiatives that have been marking his public career in recent years.

So much so, that the wealthy heir to the Hilton hotel empire has now recognized that, at first, the idea of ​​recording a documentary about her life two years ago was fundamentally motivated by the direct and indirect profitability that it could get from this audiovisual product. . However, now that she is enjoying an unbeatable moment on a personal and sentimental level, prepared as she is to marry her fiancé sooner rather than later. Carter ReumParis has revealed that her new goal for this recording is to show precisely that she couldn’t be happier in her new life.

“It was one of my main goals, to make money, because I was not happy in my personal life. And also taking into account all that he had been through, he felt that money equaled freedom, independence, to the feeling that no one controls or represses you“, Explained Paris Hilton in reference to those years of widespread abuse that she suffered, by teachers and other employees, in that boarding school where her parents took her in the middle of her preadolescence.

“And if you think about it, it is normal that all of this influenced that particular path that I chose for my life. But now that I’m so happy and I’m so in love I honestly don’t care about the millions anymore. I’m more interested in the idea of ​​having babies, the truth “, has revealed in conversation with the weekly podcast of the magazine Variety.

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