Emmanuel Macron has presented this Tuesday an incentive plan for 8,000 million euros to help its automotive sector to deal with the crisis, which includes the commitment of the PSA groups (Peugeot and Citroën) and Renault to manufacture their “clean” electric and hybrid vehicles in France.

Spain can be especially damaged by this movement of two giants that have numerous industrial centers in Spain: Vigo (PSA), Valladolid and Palencia (Renault) or Seville (Renault).

The President of the French Republic, who detailed his announcements at a plant of the components company Valeo in Etaples (north), explained that in exchange for public support, PSA Peugeot Citroën and Renault will have to «Relocate production with added value in France and to consolidate and maintain all of the industrial production »in the plants they have in the country.

Aid to Renault

The first beneficiary will be Renault, which is in a delicate situation and expects, like May water, a loan guaranteed by the State of 5,000 million euros.

Anyway, Macron said that the loan will not be granted until the negotiations that the management must start next Monday with the workers’ representatives to give them guarantees and set a future strategy are concluded.

Before that, Renault will present an adjustment plan on Friday for which management has not excluded either the closure of factories or the abolition of jobs.

First country by electric car

Macron’s ambition for the sector is “to make France the first nation of clean vehicles in Europe”, with an annual production of more than a million electric cars, plug-in hybrids or simple hybrids on the horizon of 2025.

Renault has pledged to triple its production of electric cars until 2022

To achieve this, Renault has pledged to triple its production of electric cars to reach 240,000 in 2022 and also to locate in France the new 100-kilowatt electric motor that it has developed within its alliance with Nissan, which was initially to be manufactured in Asia. , reports Efe.

The rhombus group – in which the State is the first shareholder together with Nissan, with 15% each – will also enter the industrial alliance promoted by Paris and Berlin to manufacture electric car batteries in Europe, which represent around 40% of its value.

PSA, meanwhile, will go from not having assembled a single electric or hybrid vehicle in France last year to 130,000 in 2021, with an investment of more than 400 million euros in future electric drive chains and in the cited European battery project of which he is already a partner together with Total and Saft.

In addition, PSA indicated that the Peugeot 3008 electric will be assembled at its 2022 horizon at its Sochaux facilities.