Parents only sent their 7-year-old son from Guatemala to the US and now they want him back

Thousands of Central American children are sent to the United States alone.

Photo: PAUL RATJE / AFP / Getty Images

His name is Paschal, He is nine years old and has had to face important decisions not made by him.

When he had just turned eight years old, the boy from Guatemala was put in charge of his cousin Marcos Diego to travel to the United States.

His parents said it was so he could have “a better life”, but the cousin faced legal problems due to abuse and was deported, leaving behind Pascula, who was taken in by the integrated couple. Galo Solorzano and Millie Rosa.

Pascual felt comfortable with Galo and Millie, whom he even called “papa” and “mama,” The Washingto Post reported. The youngest had little to go to school, but in Florida, where he lived, he was adjusting well, he already spoke more Spanish and English, leaving his mother’s Mayan language behind.

However, a call with his mother on FaceTime changed everything: Pascula cried when talking with her and Galo and Millie, who were thinking of officially adopting the child, thought that it was best for him to return to his parents, after they had also searched in Guatemala. the legal return of your child.

In coordination with the Guatemalan consulate, the couple organized everything for Pascual to travel from Fort Lauderdale to Guatemala.

“He missed his younger siblings, but had joined his two adoptive siblings,” the report says. “I had new toys, new clothes, and new teeth to replace the rotten ones.”.

Pascual is an exceptional case, because while thousands of children from Central America seek to reach the United States, he took route back to his native country.