Parents of Ecuadorian girls thrown over border wall live in the US

15 minutes. The parents of the two Ecuadorian minors who traffickers threw over the border wall between Mexico and the United States live in New York, the Andean country’s Foreign Ministry reported on Friday.

In a statement he insisted on describing as “repudiable” the case of the two minors “inhumanly abandoned by human traffickers on the United States border.

And he reported that, through the Consulate of Ecuador in Houston, he remains in permanent contact with the US immigration authorities, in order to verify that the two girls are being cared for and cared for, as well as to learn about the procedures that the authorities will adopt in this case.

As a result of these efforts, it is known that the girls will soon be assigned to the Division of Unaccompanied Minors / Office of Refugee Resettlement of the United States to begin the process of family reunification.

This process can take about six weeks until the sponsors (parents or relatives) present the required documentation, says the official note.

It points out that while the reunification process is taking place, the girls will remain in a shelter with other minors. There “they will have all their needs covered and they will be able to communicate daily with their parents.”

Girls are in good health

The Consulate in Houston maintained a dialogue with the minors and confirmed that they are in good health. “And that they contacted their parents, who currently live in New York City,” he said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility is pending the development of the case. Although at the same time, it works with the reserve and confidentiality necessary to protect the rights of migrants.

The Foreign Ministry reiterated its condemnation and rejected “these attitudes of contempt for human life” and urged parents to avoid exposing themselves.

Last Thursday, the White House was “alarmed” by the case of the two immigrant girls who were dropped by a trafficker from the top of the border fence in the state of New Mexico, and asked that the undocumented avoid putting themselves in the hands of the coyotes who “abuse” them.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki referred to the video of a man dropping two girls.