Parejo reaches 50 games with Villarreal being Emery’s untouchable

05/14/2021 at 12:52 PM CEST


The Villarreal midfielder Dani Parejo this Thursday added his fiftieth match in the Castellón team, a figure to which the Madrid footballer arrives being the untouchable of Unai emery, since there is no other player that adds more minutes of yellow this season.

Equal Since his arrival he has been a benchmark on the field and has become the player through whom the team’s game passes and gravitates.

Thus, in his first season at Villarreal his figures are fifty games played in which he has accumulated 3,983 minutes of play, with three goals and seven goal assists.

TO Equal he only surpasses him in matches Manu Trigueros, which has 51 games but with considerably less minutes on the pitch, with 3,480.

The Coslada midfielder, who came to the team from Valencia, improves the 46 games of Moi gomez and its 2,782 minutes, as well as the 44 games played by Raul Albiol and its 2,929 minutes.

The record of matches played by Equal They are divided into thirty-four league matches, eleven in the Europa League and five in the Copa del Rey.

These 50 games accumulated in the current course, means having equaled the games played in the second best season of his career, which was the 15-16 campaign, and which are only surpassed by the fifty-six games he played in season 18 -19, both at Valencia.

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