pardons will be decided “looking at society more than those directly affected”

Fernando Grande-Marlaska, during a recent press conference in La Moncloa. (Photo: SERGIO PEREZ via REUTERS)

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has assured this Tuesday that the Government will decide on the pardons to the leaders of the procés “looking at Spanish and Catalan society more than at those directly affected”.

In an interview in RNE, collected by Europa Press, the Interior Minister recognized that in “politics, difficult or less easy decisions have to be made on certain occasions” as a consequence of the public good. “

“I am convinced, and the president himself said so because it is the most reasonable thing, that the decision will be made in terms of legality and to guarantee coexistence and harmony with a specific purpose: problem solving,” he explained.

Thus, and asked whether the granting of pardons would help to ease the situation, Marlaska insisted that what will “help” improve coexistence in Catalonia is “the will for dialogue” that the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez , “Manifested” already “in June 2018”.

In this context, the minister has asked for reassurance while the “procedure follows its course” while recalling that “one of the bases of the rule of law is the separation of powers.” “Each one exercises his in the corresponding parameters. Each one has necessary and precise elements of responsibility that they have to face ”, he clarified.

Marlaska has expressed this way a day after the Prime Minister rejected the criticism that has been generated both outside and within the PSOE for the possible pardons to those convicted of the procés, by defending that “helping to solve problems does not represent a cost ”.

What’s more, he warned that …

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