The Sims is one of the most successful sagas in video game history. Although we find in the coexistence of our character with the rest of the neighbors one of the strengths of the game, personalization of the home, furniture and a long etcetera of content that has been expanding expansion by expansion are not far behind.

Despite the fact that these DLCs include many elements, the community is always ready to incorporate new content, thus improving the fun and personalization of the product. This is mainly the most outstanding feature of the game Alex Massé, the creator of Paralives, a title that has captured the attention of fans of The Sims precisely because of its infinite possibilities.

As you can see, in Paralives We can configure each and every one of the elements that make up our house. Far from doing it in a simple and little detailed way regarding The Sims, Alex’s game invites us to give free rein to the imagination, using features such as shapes for the shelves, personalize the knobs, different types of procedures for the interior or exterior lines, and ultimately a long list of elements that will make the experience very complete.

Another aspect that has not been overlooked has been the customization of our avatar, also offering many options during the creation process. For now, Paralives has completed its launch on PC and Mac through SteamYes, without specifying release date. The project has generated a lot of excitement especially for its incredibly customizable proposal and in which the playable aspect has also been detailed.

In Paralives we will have a house that we must create from scratch, as well as its protagonist. From here, our mission will be none other than living with the rest of the neighbors, attending events or looking for a job. A formula that, a priori on paper, makes it closer to games like Stardew Valley and that could become a resounding success judging by its striking characteristics.