Updated: 04/25/2020 12:58

Since last March 19, Isabel II live confina in his residence in Windsor with her husband, the prince philip, who although he generally prefers to spend his time at Wood Farm, at his Sandringham estate in Norfolk, decided to meet his wife to spend isolation together.

Under normal circumstances, the Windsor residence would house about 150 employees, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced the queen to have only a dozen people, the only ones who have contact with her.

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Someone close to the most private circle of the queen has revealed to ‘Daily Mail’ details of the day to day of Elizabeth II. According to this source, the mother of Charles of England check the newspapers every day and is kept informed of all news through television. Family video calls are also part of his routine.

Queen Elizabeth II of England and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in a file image. (EFE)

Another entertainment the queen delights in is observe and listen to your dear parakeets. Graham Stone, the gardener and keeper of these royal birds, revealed that Elizabeth II is fascinated by them and that even once saved the life of one of these animals when one of its legs was trapped in a wire cage. “I know he likes to see them when he’s in Windsor,” confessed this royal employee.

Isabel II with her dogs. (EFE)

The source with whom ‘Daily Mail’ has contacted has also assured that Elizabeth II has a great ally during her confinement: her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. Ensures that they get along well and they enjoy each other’s company. For the queen, it is a tranquility to have her husband close and to know first-hand how she is cared for in case she requires health care.

Within the complicated situation the nation is experiencing, Isabel II can enjoy a beautiful residence where she manages to spend her days in peace, even though she has had to renunciate, yes, one of his great passions: his horseback riding.

Elizabeth II stroking a horse in a file image. (EFE)

His faithful stable, Terry Prendy, It is the one that usually accompanies her on these walks and there are numerous times that both have been photographed together while riding a horse, but now, the lack of personnel forces the stables to remain inactive.