Paraguay reacts and draws against Bolivia in Asunción

Paraguay was presented in the Defenders of Chaco with the mission of acquiring the three points to keep hope intact in his goal towards the World Cup that he will organize Qatar in 2022. His rival allowed the illusion, since Bolivia it reached its commitment without adding units and its production was as poor as the one it deployed in the Guaraní land.

The superiority of the team Eduardo Berizzo was very noticeable, but the marker could not open it until the minute 18, when the VAR intervened to warn Alexis Herrera a clear infraction within the area that Angel Romero traded for goal. In the same way that he did in La Bombonera, the San Lorenzo star exposed his quality from the penalty spot.

However, before the break is established, those from the highlands hit the homeowner twice that caused a general malaise in Albirroja. Marcelo Moreno Martins placeholder image, with a flush and technical shot he matched the score to the 40, while Boris Cespedes, with a pure onslaught, he sealed the 2 to 1 so that the set of Cesar Farias go to the locker room with a smile. A feeling completely opposite to what you felt the boys of Toto.


Paraguay: Antony Silva; Alberto Espínola, Gustavo Gómez, Fabián Balbuena, Junior Alonso; Richard Sánchez, Angel Cardozo Lucena, Gastón Gimenez, Oscar Romero; Antonio Sanabria and Angel Romero. DT: Eduardo Berizzo.

Bolivia: Carlos Lampe; Diego Bejarano, Ronny Montero, Adrián Jusino, Jorge Flores; Alejandro Chumacero, Diego Wayar, Erwin Saavedra, Juan Carlos Arce; Marcelo Martins and Bruno Miranda. DT: Cesar Farías.

Stadium: Defenders of Chaco

Referee: Alexis Herrera (Venezuela)

Television: DeporTV

Positions table:


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