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Asunción, Jul 9 . .- Paraguay reported this Thursday 84 new infected with COVID-19 in 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases to 2,638 since the detection of the first positive, on March 7, while maintaining 20 the death toll.
The Ministry of Health reported that of the positives of the date, confirmed after the processing of 2,017 samples, a total of 41 are by contact, 22 linked to cases from abroad and 21 by community transmission.
The number of active persons amounts to 1,389, of which 31 remain hospitalized, 10 of them in intensive care, while the recovered patients are 1,229 with the 17 patients discharged in the last 24 hours.
Paraguay is in Phase 3 of the so-called smart quarantine of progressive activation of productive activities with the return of most of the country’s economic sectors and that will last until July 19.
And in Phase 4 the return of events of massive concurrence, tourism and the full revival of gastronomy and hospitality are expected, a sector that was partially activated before to house those who can pay a quarantine after returning to the country.
Of the three weeks established between one phase and another, the third was extended two more weeks due to the sustained increase in cases without a contagion tree, which is mainly registered in Ciudad del Este, on the border with Brazil, the global focus of the pandemic.
In this regard, the Health Minister, Julio Mazzoleni, insisted on Wednesday that the fight against the coronavirus must take place « outside the hospitals » because « there is no health system in the world that can cope with an uncontrolled pandemic in hospitals « 
« Our fight has to be outside the hospitals. We have no chance there. There, necessarily, we are going to have many people who are not going to be able to have care or we are going to have many deceased, » he warned after a meeting with the head of state. , Mario Abdo Benítez.
And among the preventive measures, the Government keeps the land borders closed and has reiterated that it is not even considering the possibility of opening them, while area navigation is only allowed for humanitarian flights.