There are a lot of games that fans are crying out for, but as much as they ask, it seems like the companies aren’t listening. This is the case of sagas like Super Mario Strikers, F-Zero, Kid Icarus or Paper Mario, whose fans every time there is a Nintendo Direct, they hope that at least a glimpse of them appears in the presentation. Although, as we have seen in the last Nintendo Direct, there has been no trace of them. However, from one of the sagas we have mentioned, it seems that there are going to be rumors of a possible game for Nintendo Switch, and it is that everything points to the fact that we will soon have a new title of the Paper Mario saga.

This is what a Paper Zelda would look like

As everything is possible, many fans imagine possible crossovers or new formulas for their favorite video games. In this case, the YouTube channel 64 Bits, has mixed two well-known Nintendo sagas such as The Legend of Zelda and Paper Mario, and they have imagined what their fusion would be like, creating a teaser of a possible Paper Zelda. In the video we see the unconditional protagonist of the saga, Link, going through scenes and meeting characters from several of his games, among which is the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Next we leave you with the video , which we have loved and who knows if they have given Nintendo a great idea.

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