At the moment, things are not very clear on the circuit. Some say that the professional circuit will not return any more this season, others point out that it is very likely that September is the month chosen to enjoy the competition again. Which version is closer to coming true? According Paolo Bertolucci, one of the best Italian tennis players in history, the first option would be the one that gains more strength inside his head. In a chat with Sky Sport, the former number 12 in the world gives his opinion on the matter and points to certain profiles of the current ranking on which he puts all his hope for the future.

“The safety distance that tennis has is not in doubt, since everyone is on one side of the court, what really worries is freedom of movement,” begins explaining the Forte dei Marmi. “How can you manage such a number of tennis players, taking into account that each one will have to leave their quarantine to go around the world, attend a tournament, and that there will be no contagion problems? I hope I am wrong and this is not so complicated, since this is the sport that I love, but I would be really surprised if the circuit resumed internationally before 2021“Ensures the right-hander.

That’s on the coronavirus issue, but Bertolucci’s speech doesn’t stop there. He was also asked about the fame of the Italian press for harshly punishing his players, which is why many of them (for example, Fabio Fognini) have ended up vetoing local media in the tournaments they play. “In Italy sometimes there is too much talk, they send you from heaven to hell in a matter of minutes, without attending to other realities. It is good that the players are constantly traveling, so they do not focus on reading what is written about them, although it is difficult to escape from the Internet, ”says Paolo with that touch of humor.

With more or less press, what is clear is that Italy has become a world power in the last five years. A deep bag of a lot of work that players have not stopped coming out of. “Jannik Sinner He is a rare talent, I am very surprised how he plays for his age. Now is the time to leave him a little alone, on his own, but do not sink if he suddenly begins to lose more games than expected. Matteo Berretini He has a lot of room for improvement, especially when it comes to subtracting, although it is a great omen to see everything he has done so far. About Fabio Fognini, we already know him: he has tremendous qualities but little continuity, ”says the 69-year-old.