Paola Rojas, host of Netas Divinas tests positive for contagion

Paola Rojas, host of Netas Divinas tests positive for contagion | Instagram

Bad news for A’s followersl Air with Paola and Netas Divinas, because the beautiful Paola Rojas has been infected by the virus that has Mexico in a pandemic. It was his driving partner Carlos Hurtado who broke the news.

According to the journalist who shares a screen with the former Zague In the morning news of Televisa, the host who heads this program will be absent for a few days, this after testing positive for the virus.

After Carlos broke the news on the air, the same Paola Rojas revealed on his social networks that he has tested positive for Covid-19. The television presenter stressed that she was already isolated with the proper measures and under medical treatment.

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The beautiful Paola left her followers in suspense since she did not detail her health and only pointed out that she was already isolated and that she would be absent for a few days from Netas Divinas and her news program Al Aire con Paola.

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Alex Kaffie had already advanced something in this regard, since he assured yesterday that the Netas Divinas recordings had been suspended after the positive of one of the conductors, now it is known that it is Rojas.

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The fact that the television host has tested positive for Covid-19 mobilizes both productions to carry out the relevant Covid tests and measures to prevent the contagion from being greater and damaging their health and work rhythm.

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Much has been said about an outbreak on television, including recently the recordings of the Guerreros 2021 program were suspended after some participants and a host tested positive for the virus.

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