Pandiani, one more staunch Deportivo fan

The Uruguayan Walter Pandiani, former forward of Sports, sent a message of encouragement to the sportsmanship and the players of the Coruña team, in which he was a member of the early last decade, so that they raise the team and add the “nine most important points in the history” of the club, which now plays in Second Division B and runs the risk of going down more rungs.

“More fan of Depor than ever, from its people, from its history, the one that puts us at the top as one of the best in Europe, but also in this one, where it needs its people more than ever, the one that fills us with pride and satisfaction and leave life for the colors, “he wrote in a message posted on his website and on his social networks.

He also addressed the footballers: “Warriors, of course you can, look at each other after each training session and grit your teeth, go home with the satisfaction that you gave absolutely everything that was within your reach, that you didn’t miss out. nothing”.

“Prepare and mentalize, the nine most important points in the history of a club that is loved and respected everywhere. Now it’s up to you guys, raise the flag and go out into the ring to fight like warriors, the category and the situation require it, ”he reminds the players.

Three days before the end of the first phase of the season, Deportivo has run out of options to qualify for promotion in the second part of the championship and has even seen its continuity in the bronze category of Spanish football compromised.

“For sportsmanship, for you, your families and the future of the club that opened the doors of Europe to me. FORZA SPORTS!!”, wrote Pandiani.

The former forward of Montevideo arrived at Sports in 2000, just after the club conquered the Spanish League, and he defended his shirt until the 2004/05 season.