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Carlos Fitz-James Stuart and Solís, the boyfriend of the year

“They are, as they say in Seville, good people.” With this simple phrase, Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, the current Duke of Alba, explained what his sons, Fernando and Carlos Fitz-James-Stuart y de Solís, were like. He did it when all eyes began to fixate on the two brothers who are part of the new generation of one of the most important aristocratic families in the world and whose origin dates back to the 15th century. Now, when the days until the wedding of Carlos, XXII Count of Osorno, with Belén Corsini are counted, the interest in the discreet grandson of the deceased Cayetana de Alba multiplies. Who is the protagonist of the next link of the Alba? The “yes, I want” will be held at the Liria Palace on May 22 and although the pandemic has forced the couple to adjust their plans, it promises to be one of the weddings of the year. Throughout the years the information about them has been measured by droppers and this is something that characterizes the House of Alba, they bet on a life that is as anonymous as possible. However, when the Official State Gazette announced on February 11, 2016 that, in the name of the King, the title of the Count of Osorno, which implies Greatness of Spain, remained in the hands of the young man, it transpired that he is a sportsman, lover from the countryside, from navigation, who moves around Madrid on a motorcycle, who likes to repeat the same plan every summer in Sotogrande and who enjoys in the background that he was born with. It is his brother Fernando, only a year older than him and who married Sofía Palazuelo in October 2018, who holds the title of the Duke of Huéscar, reserved for the heir of the Alba family and therefore the one he is destined to take one day. the reins of one of the most prominent families of the nobility. We discover the intricate genealogical tree of Belén Corsini, the future Countess of Osorno This does not mean that Carlos supports or represents his father in official events, such as when he presided over the presentation of the tourist route through four of the most emblematic houses-palaces of Seville : Las Dueñas, Casa de Salinas, Hospital de la Santa Caridad and Casa de Pilatos. “My father could not come and I, delighted to represent him,” he said at a ceremony held in February 2018. There he showed a little more of his character and discovered himself as a simple boy. When asked by the media if he was going to take over from his father, he explained: “Well, I wouldn’t know how to do that now, but as long as I can help, I’ll help.” The count of Osorno as he studied Business at the College For International Studies (CIS), the American University of Madrid, and later completed his training in Boston (United States). A training that makes him an asset for a house that manages ten emblematic palaces, nineteen castles scattered throughout the geography, one of the largest art collections that includes works by Rubens, Rembrandt, Goya or Renoir and a library of 18,000 volumes that It includes works of incalculable value such as the letters from the travels of Christopher Columbus or a copy of the first edition of Don Quixote. These are the nine grandchildren of Cayetana de Alba All this, without forgetting that the Casa de Alba is the largest landowner in Spain with 38,000 hectares of agricultural exploitation. In fact, the Count of Osorno, together with his brother, is one of the directors of Euroexplotaciones Agrarias SA, chaired by the Duke of Alba and dedicated to the agriculture, livestock and fishing sectors. In addition, her name appears on the board of directors of another twenty family businesses and she works in the Casa de Alba Fine Food gourmet products business, an e-commerce project that her grandmother, Mrs. Cayetana, already dreamed of, in which she They sell oils, Iberian products, cheeses, legumes, honeys, crockery and other delicacies that have a direct connection with the Casa de Alba and that are made with traditional processes. The curious wedding list of the Count of Osorno and Belén Corsini They have never talked about what it is like to work as a family, that is why discretion is their maximum, however, Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, divorced from the mother of his two children, Matilde Solís has said on several occasions that he feels like a “lucky father”. “My children are wonderful, so far they have only given me joy … We maintain a normal relationship, based on great mutual affection,” said the Duke of Alba in a statement collected by the magazine ¡HOLA!

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