Pandemic exceeds 57 million cases, with 641 thousand new infections

Both the curve of daily cases and deaths from COVID-19 remain on the rise worldwide, but the former in a more pronounced way

The global cases from COVID-19 rose to 57.2 million today, after the World Health Organization (who) will register 641 thousand new infections in the last day, according to the data it provides daily from its headquarters in Geneva.

The new number of daily cases is among the highest since the pandemic began last February.

The deaths from causes directly attributable to coronavirus They rise to 1,368 million, with 11,752 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.

Both the daily cases and deaths curve continues to rise worldwide, but the former is more pronounced.

However, deaths increase in proportion to new infections and the record of the last 24 hours is the highest since the record of more than 12,400 deaths in a day registered on April 17.

America adds 24.3 million cases, Europe accumulates 16.6 million and the south of Asia about 10.3 million.

United States breaks all records of daily cases with 184 thousand in one day, far from the 46 thousand of India, the 37 thousand of Italy and the 36 thousand of Brazil.

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