Pandemic did not stop the fight against toxic masculinity


HIt has been a year and a half since the controversy unleashed by the work La Revolución, by the painter from Chiapas Fabián Cháirez, which many renamed as “Zapata gay”, and despite the fact that the pandemic paralyzed the world, the work of the visual artist did not stop nor his vision in which he seeks to question “toxic masculinity.”

When this became massive and when the discussion about gender-art permeated many corners of not only Mexico, but the world, I realized that it was an important issue and even more so to continue working on these issues, to continue addressing them, to continue insisting on them, because there are many places that we still have to win as a population and as a minority ”.

Although without attending him in person, during 2020 Fabián had three exhibitions in Europe of his work, in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Brussels, and from June 19 to last Friday, his fourth exhibition in London, United Kingdom, at the UK Mexican Arts Society.

It is titled Other Colors (other colors), there are around 11 pieces, some unpublished, others previously exhibited, but they are pieces in which I continue to explore masculinity and I continue to question hegemonic masculinity ”, Fabian told Excelsior.

The exhibition was planned from the beginning of 2020, but the pandemic postponed it. Today, with his work already recognized internationally, he remembers that, at some point, his theme related to the LGBTQ + community was questioned.

Many galleries and managers recommended that I not typecast as LGBT issues because they said that the possibilities … were going to close many doors, so it is something that I am always struggling with, opening doors for these issues, I think little by little. collectors are not beginning to take an interest in these subjects ”.

Although he considers that he has works that go beyond the famous The Revolution, he assures that the controversy comes from conservative thoughts. “I think it’s conservative people, generally those on the right, who just want everyone to fit into a mold and I think they are the people who are most scandalized, when you show them that there are many people who are out of that mold. , of those four walls, that they want to impose ”.

During the confinement he preferred that his painting was not influenced by what was happening in the world.

I think that thanks to my work I have not gone crazy, I was able to generate this series (Other Colors) from the quarantine and since my reflections remain the same, I think that as a theme the pandemic did not influence so much, but I think it also enriched a bit, because I gave myself the opportunity to explore with a new palette with new themes and I think that rather adds to my work ”.

And in LGBTQ + pride month he considers that more men should break free and wear heels like him or his Revolution character.

They should, although I will tell you that many already use them, but secretly, the best thing is that they do it in public or that if they do it in secret, then that they do not judge others who we do on a day-to-day basis. daylight, we want them to respect our existence and I think so, because Mexico has a double standard and it is important to fight against it, it is important to break with that hypocrisy.

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