What if the coronavirus does not exist, what if they want to introduce us nanobots, what if 5G … and a whole long list of magufos nonsense have been spread by hundreds of people, even some famous people, such as Miguel Bosé (lately unleashed).

These conspiracy theories, as well as rumors, bad advice based on pseudoscience or ammunitionism can be ridiculous or even funny, but they have an often invisible social cost. According to a study, at least 800 people have been victims of all this.

COVID Magufería

In a new study, an international team of infectious disease researchers have scoured social media and news websites to monitor how COVID-19 misinformation was circulating.

In total, they identified more than 2,300 reports of rumors and conspiracy theories related to COVID-19, communicated in 25 languages ​​from 87 different countries.

None of this misinformation is useful, even if it is intended to be, and much of it is harmful. In some cases, it is lethal, causing preventable deaths and injuries on a truly tragic scale. For example, a popular myth that drinking highly concentrated alcohol could disinfect the body and kill the virus was circulating in different parts of the world.

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Following this misinformation, approximately 800 people have died, while 5,876 have been hospitalized and 60 have developed complete blindness after drinking methanol as a coronavirus cure.

In the midst of this whirlwind of misinformation, even relatively benign mistruths they can become dangerous in the wrong hands. I mean, Miguel, shut up for a while, and if you don’t, at least make sure your data comes from linked studies.

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Researchers acknowledge a number of limitations of their study and they point out that they did not investigate or follow up on the misinformation they discovered online, nor did they determine the number of people who believed in a certain rumor or conspiracy.

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