Panasonic presents its new 4K OLED and LED televisions

Updating its current offering, Panasonic has just announced their new families of televisions OLED and LED by 2021, with 5 new series with which the Japanese company will offer a wide variety of products that respond to the specific needs of all users, both in terms of functions and price.

Beginning with the new range of OLED televisions of the Japanese company will be composed of the JZ2000, JZ1500 and JZ1000 seriesthe latter two available for the first time in a 48-inch size. This new family reinforces its commitment to OLED panels, much brighter, with the introduction of the Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel on the JZ2000 and JZ1500 series, an important first for users who want to enjoy the best HDR performance.

In addition, all OLED TV series will be equipped with the new HCX Pro AI processor, which integrates Artificial Intelligence; as well as the Game Mode Extreme, which significantly reduces latency to one of the lowest figures in the industry for an OLED TV; and compatibility with technology AMD FreeSync Premium, a function that ensures total synchronization between the TV and our gaming devices.

OLED TVs will arrive in the coming months, with the first availability of the JZ2000 starting in June, followed by the JZ1000 starting in July, delaying the latest arrival of the JZ1500 until August. Thus, the company has already advanced the prices of all models and size variants:

48-inch Panasonic ZL1000, from 1,999 euros.
55-inch Panasonic ZL1000, for 2,399 euros. 65-inch Panasonic ZL1000, for 2,999 euros. 48-inch Panasonic ZL1500, from 2,199 euros. 55-inch Panasonic ZL1500, at 2,799 euros. 65-inch Panasonic ZL1500, at 3,199 euros. 55-inch Panasonic ZL2000, for 3,199 euros. 65-inch Panasonic ZL2000, up to 3,999 euros.

On the other hand, the company has also presented its new range of LED televisions, with JX940 and JX800 series.

As main differences, the JX940 series will be specially oriented for lovers of games and sports, including important novelties such as the HCX Pro AI processor, with Artificial Intelligence and Game Mode Extreme, as well as compatibility with HDMI 2.1 jacks, or the presence of technologies such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), High Frame Rate (HFR) o AMD FreeSync Premium.

As for the JX800 series TVs, we will meet with the inclusion of Android TV, allowing users to access all types of streaming content, while maintaining the presence of an HCX processor, which retains much of the ease of use of the brand’s My Home Screen operating system.

To the already present availability of the JX800 series, the JX940 televisions will soon join, dating their arrival in our country between the months of June and July depending on their size, under the following price distribution:

40-inch Panasonic JX800, from a minimum price of 699 euros.
50-inch Panasonic JX800, at 999 euros. 58-inch Panasonic JX800, for 1,299 euros. 65-inch Panasonic JX800, for 1,499 euros. 49-inch Panasonic JX940, from 1,299 euros. 55-inch Panasonic JX940, for 1,599 euros. 65-inch Panasonic JX940, at a maximum price of 1,899 euros.

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