Panama reported this Friday a new record of 923 cases in one day and 10 deaths, which raised the number of infections to 24,274 and the deaths of COVID-19 to 485.

The capacity of intensive care units is “at a critical level” in Panama, which reported a new record of 923 cases in one day and 10 deaths this Friday, which increased the number of confirmed infections to 24,274 and the deaths from 485 COVID-19 in 103 days of pandemic.

There are 626 hospitalized patients, 123 in intensive care units and 503 in wards, and 8,085 in home isolation, 748 of them in hotels that function as hospitals.

“We are at a critical level in the installed capacity of intensive care in the public health system,” said Health Minister Rosario Turner, who asked the population to follow the recommendations to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

In the last 24 hours, 2,833 tests were performed, the highest number to date, for a total of 102,703 tests to detect the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, of which 26 percent were positive.

In patients older than 60, the majority of deaths continue to be recorded, 353 of the total of 485. case fatality rate by COVID-19 in Panama it stands at 2 percent, one of the lowest on the continent.

“Reducing the number of deaths depends on the commitment and conduct of each” to meet health standards, Minister Turner reiterated.

The senior official alluded to a meeting held on Thursday at a restaurant in the capital of executives and deputies of the ruling party that caused a barrage of criticism and a protest in front of the establishment, as well as the imposition of fines of $ 50,000 on the political group. and to the food place.

Panama lives a regrowth of COVID-19 that led the authorities to reimplement mobility restrictions by gender and identification number in the provinces of Panama, where the capital is located, and the adjacent Panama West, being the most affected areas.

Health authorities link the outbreak to the opening – from mid-May to June 1 – of the first two of six blocks into which the revival of the country’s economy has been divided, which this year is expected to fall by at least 2 percent.

Non-essential trade, including shopping malls, as well as schools and universities, and mass sports and cultural activities are closed in Panama.

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