Pamela Silva boasts the first steps of Baby Ford

In order to Pamela silva the most recent celebration of Mother’s Day will be unforgettable, because her little baby, Ford Liam, took his first steps just on that special day. The little boy, who recently turned one year old, surprised his mother by starting to walk alone and curiously this happened last weekend, as part of the celebrations for all moms in the United States, on May 9.

Pamela Silva and her baby, Ford Liam© @ pamelasilva @visualsbymandaFord Liam turned one year old on April 22

Through her social networks, Pamela shared the magical moment in which Ford Liam is appreciated using his own means and reaching the arms of his proud mother. The journalist from Primer Impacto (Univision) was so moved that she assured that this had been her best Mother’s Day gift. In the video, Ford is seen in a pair of dark shorts and a white T-shirt with green sleeves, walking towards his proud mother, who welcomes him with open arms.

In addition to this unique moment, Pamela Silva enjoyed a delicious brunch for her special day. As if that were not enough, Ford prepared a nice manual job for his mom, for which he received a little help from his aunt Paloma. Aunt and nephew made a picture frame with the help of paint, colored pipe cleaners, among other materials.

Ford Liam, baby of Pamela Silva© @ fordliam_s This was the beautiful craft that Ford created for his mother with the help of his aunt

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