Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, the truth behind the most famous video of the 90s | .

Pamela Anderson spoke unfiltered about the s3xual video that leaked a few years ago with her ex-partner, Tommy Lee during a live appearance with Andy Cohen.

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Pamela Anderson, who is now 52, ​​appeared on an American television show hosted by Andy Cohen last Thursday and, during one segment of the shoot, was asked literally: « As the protagonist of a s3xual video, what is your film? from celebrity favorite s3x0?

However, and to the surprise of all viewers, Anderson quickly and laughingly replied, “That was not an s3xu @ l video. That was a compilation of vacations in which we were d3snud0s ”, which caused a lot of controversy and was the reason for several comments by users, something that she really is not very interested in.

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It should be noted that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were married on a Mexican beach in 1995, after dating for only four days, however, as a result of their @ ​​p @ psionado love, the couple had two children, Brandon, now 23 years old, and Dylan 22, before their divorce in 1998.

Shortly before their breakup, Pamela and Tommy were at the center of a scandal when a disgruntled former employee stole a safe containing a nearly hour-long super video of the couple.

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They tried to block the release of the video, with the actress suing the video distribution company, but the tape was finally released online and, as expected, Anderson dropped his lawsuit.

However, in said interview, Pamela indicated that she has never seen the aforementioned video, but that she knows exactly what it is about, « I have never seen it. I did not make a dollar. It was stolen property. We made a deal to arrest all taken advantage of ”, he mentioned.

« I was seven months pregnant with Dylan and I thought I was affecting the pregnancy with stress and I said, ‘I’m not going to court anymore. I will no longer appear and testify before these lawyers, men, weirdos and perverts. I no longer want to talk about my v * gina or s3xo in public, nothing, « the famous ended.