‘Pam & Tommy’: Courtney Love, outraged that a series is made about something that “destroyed Pamela’s life”

In an uncompromising Facebook post, Courtney Love has been more than outraged at Hulu for launching into producing ‘Pam & Tommy’, a series about one of the most traumatic moments in the life of Pamela Anderson. The singer has fatal that, without having any of those involved in the story, the aforementioned streaming platform is going to profit from something that traumatized Anderson.

Love refers to the first viral video in history: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape that stole and sold an employee of the couple, scandal around which the plot of this next miniseries starring Sebastian Stan and Lily James is structured.

“I find this so fucking outrageous …” Love starts. “When a horrible employee stole Pam and tommy’s sex tape from Pammy’s safe and circulated it, Patty Schemel, Melissa Auf der Maur, and I were making a record, and all the women in the studios were living the way it was. they were passing the sex tape from one to the other, between the producers, the technicians, the owners … Between laughter, it was disgusting, I forbade anyone to even bring it up. It destroyed my friend Pamela’s life. Absolutely. It destroyed her and her children. We tried to take the iron out of it but that was also a disaster … because it is a form of sexual assault, right? It caused a great trauma to her, to her family, to her community … […] My heart goes out to Pammy now that she is helping to compound her complex trauma. And Lily James, whoever she is, should be ashamed. “

At the moment Hulu has not given details of the approach, but it has shared that this story, which completes its cast with Seth Rogen, Nick Offerman, Taylor Schilling or Andrew Dice Clay, will be treated in a comic tone, so Love’s anger is understandable. Time will tell if between those laughs this adaptation manages to reflect what it means psychologically for a woman that images of intimate content are spread, or, as Love puts it, the miniseries will contribute to aggravating Anderson’s trauma.

A carbon copy of Pamela

From the hand of those first images released by Hulu we discover that both Stan and James star in ‘Pam & Tommy’ being a carbon copy of the couple. The characterization is already applauded as a success, more since Several images of the filming in Los Angeles have been leaked in which we can see a James absolutely nailed to Pamela wearing the iconic swimsuit that Anderson wore in ‘Baywatch’.

Fans are amazed at how much James looks like Pamela in some photos that also hint that this miniseries will recreate the occasional moment that is already television history, races on the beach that were recorded in the collective imagination of the spectators of the aforementioned series that we saw in the late 80s.

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