On the day after the publication of the 2019 financial statement, Maurício Galiotte countered disputes by members of the opposition of Palmeiras to two items of the document. The president spoke about the questions regarding the debt with Crefisa and, specifically, the R $ 2,676,000 revenue indicated as inventories, which, according to the director, has to do with the contract started last year with Puma, a supplier of sporting goods.

Maurício Galiotte explained two items of the 2019 financial statement that were challenged (Agência Palmeiras)

Photo: Lance!

– This is an item of the Puma contract, which pays part of the contract in values ​​and part in materials – Maurício Galiotte explained this Friday to ESPN Brasil, talking about the item that, according to opponents, directly influences the R surplus $ 1,724,000 recorded on last season’s balance sheet.
Regarding the debt with Crefisa, there is an increase of R $ 29,431,000 in one year: it was R $ 142,685,000 in December 2018 and became R $ 172,116,000. On the balance sheet, it still appears that R $ 2,018,000 was paid to the sponsor with the departures of defender Juninho to Bahia, of midfielder Thiago Santos to FC Dallas, in the United States, and of striker Carlos Eduardo to Athletico-PR.

– These are contracts in which, when the player is sold, we have to pay it. Exactly as it was in the previous contract and happened with the departures of Mina and Róger Guedes (in 2018). These are contracts that Palmeiras had already been making – argued Galiotte, making room for the opponents’ appeal.

– The balance sheet is audited, with external and internal audits. If the opposition finds something irregular, take action. We do everything absolutely in accordance with the Federal Accounting Council. If someone is in repair, I make it absolutely comfortable – he said.

– We work in a transparent way that has never been done over the past few years. Those who are not satisfied with the numbers, can go wherever they want. We have all our technicians and auditors to present, argue and explain, as we did in the Deliberative Council and it has always been done in the Guidance and Inspection Council – concluded the president.

On Thursday, Palmeiras released its 2019 financial statement, with a surplus of R $ 1,724,000. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was no meeting of the club’s Deliberative Council, but all members received the numbers in advance, in addition to the audit opinions and the Guidance and Inspection Council.

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