The growth of the epidemic in Mexico has charged a new bill related to entertainment and event marketing. Despite the fact that in past months it was announced that the Pa’l Norte music festival, promoted by Tecate beer, would have new dates for September, today this possibility was dashed.

In mid-March, when the health emergency began in the country, the Mexico City government, the Nuevo León Ministry of Health, announced that the music festival would be canceled until further notice, as a measure taken by the local government to decrease the spread of the virus.

At that time, the entity’s health secretary specified that there was no definite date for the festival; however there are options for it to take place during the second half of the year.

Weeks later, it was announced that the new date for this expected event. Everything indicated that Pa’l Norte would take place on September 11 and 12 next.

Hopes fade

However, today these dates have been canceled again, after the secretary of Health of Nuevo León, Manuel de la O. Cavazos, reported this Thursday that the Pa’l Norte festival will have to change the date again, due to the increase in coronavirus cases in the entity.

When questioned about the realization of this event, the secretary said « yes, we are also going to suspend it, it is not convenient for festivals to be held in September », during a press conference.

So far Apodaca Group, organizer of the Pa’l Norte 2020 has not set a position on these comments; However, the reaction of users on social networks was immediate.

Tecate, the big loser

In the midst of this discussion, the big loser could be Tecate, the brand that is behind this music festival and that competes with Corona with this proposal.

The dispute between both brands in the field of event marketing would have been anticipated a few months ago when, in early April, the organizers of the Corona Capital GDL announced from their official Twitter account that the music festival will have new dates.

Initially, this festival, promoted by the Corona beer brand, was scheduled for May 16 and 17 of the current year; however, in light of recent events, the event will move to next September 12-13 when the contingency is expected to be over.

The coincidence with at least one of the dates with the now canceled North Pa’l would have generated the annoyance and confusion of the users, who at that time expressed their doubts about which festival to attend.

Now this question seems to be solved, since until now, the new dates of the Corona Capital GDL remain standing.

The battle that Corona and Tecate will experience as brands for this fact is no less if we consider everything at stake.

Data from the Bizzabo firm indicates that 95 percent of marketing professionals consider that live events provide a valuable opportunity to form personal relationships with clients. For their part, according to Statista data, 93 percent of consumers say that live events have a greater influence on them than other types of traditional ads.

This materializes if the attendance that both events manage to capture is counted. While each year the North Pa’l manages to exceed or maintain its attendance record calculated at 105 thousand people per day, the Corona Capital Guadalajara makes its own with an average of 35 thousand attendees.

These figures translate into revenue from tickets and consumption themselves that now seem to have a single winner, at least in the 2020 editions.