Paiosaco-Hierros and Barco draw goalless at Municipal A Porta Santa (0-0)

04/04/2021 at 11:33 PM CEST

The start of the Second Phase of the Third Division ended with a zero draw between the Paiosaco-Irons and the Ship at the meeting held this Sunday in the Municipal A Porta Santa. With this result obtained at the end of the match, the teams were in eleventh and second place respectively.

In the first half, neither team was right in the face of the goal, so the first 45 minutes ended with the same 0-0 result.

In the second period, both the Paiosaco-Irons and the Ship They were able to take the victory but finally, the points were distributed between both teams (0-0).

In the chapter on changes, the players of the Paiosaco-Irons who entered the game were Gamallo, Tani, Lithos and Jesus Sayes replacing Ventola, Ivan Love, Jesus Sayes and Modia, while changes in the Ship They were Rodrigo alonso, Ivan and Carlos Villar, who entered to replace Juanito, Vera and David alvarez.

The referee showed five yellow cards. Locals saw two of them (Juanma and Lithos) and those of the visiting team saw three cards, specifically Juanito, Lopez and Oviedo.

With this tie, both the Paiosaco-Irons As the Ship they managed to score a point after the start of the Second Phase of the Third Division.

On the second day the Paiosaco-Irons will play against him Pontellas at home and the Ship will play his match against him Fisterra in his fiefdom.

Data sheetPaiosaco-Hierros:Rama, Días, Ventola (Gamallo, min.30), Juanma, Beto, Otero, Josiño, Moure, Iván Amor (Tani, min.73), Adri Casariego and Modia (Jesús Sayes, min.73)Ship:Oviedo, Rubio, Ivi Vales, Óscar Martín, Juanito (Rodrigo Alonso, min.60), David Álvarez (Carlos Villar, min.83), Marc, Vera (Iván, min.60), Segura, Calvo and LopezStadium:Municipal A Porta SantaGoals:0-0