Paige VanZant talks about her exit from the UFC and her internet businesses

Former UFC fighter Paige Vanzant, currently at Bare Knuckle FC, spoke about her career and business on the media.

VanZant ended his contract with the UFC in July of last year, after his last fight, where he fell via submission. Of his last six fights, he only managed to win two, so the president of the company suggested that he try free agency.

“I built my entire career in the UFC, I was there for almost six years. It was very stressful. Not many people left the UFC in the prime of their career. There were a lot of veterans who did it, but they were near the end of their careers, looking for a couple more fights. I was a free agent at 26, I was very young. It is very stressful to know that you are leaving the most important house in combat sports. But now I know it was the best decision I could have made. “

Finally, the popular fighter signed a contract with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship; an American boxing company without gloves. She made her debut in February, topping the card, but was outscored by her rival on the judges’ scorecards.

In a few weeks he will have his second presentation, against a rival he has already faced in the UFC. On July 23, he will face off again with Rachael Ostovich, whom he terminated in 2019.

For VanZant, getting out of the UFC has been the best decision he could have made. In the new promotion she is in, she feels valued and this is reflected in the high pay she receives.

“I was in the UFC for six years. I’ve been fighting for eight years and it’s finally paying off. I am finally where I feel comfortable with my life. “

Her husband, Austin Vanderford, also spoke up and thanked his new manager.

“Meeting Malki Kawa and signing with First Round Management was, I can’t really express how much our life changed. They did a great job. He’s been one of the first to get his clients to go ahead, go to these organizations, and get paid. It was worth it.

In addition to the contract with Bare Knuckle, Paige launched a website for her fans. There, you share content and you can interact with them.

“I always had my doubts. I didn’t want to put myself in a position where I could miss out just because I had an exclusive content page. But I feel like I’m already seen as a sensual symbol in the sports world. So I wanted to do it on my own terms. I joined ‘Fun Time’, I have my own page and I control what happens there. “

The website also brought another huge income for VanZant, who admits to being ‘financially secure’ for the first time in his entire career.

“When I stop fighting, I won’t have to get a regular job and go back to work. I don’t plan on going to college or figuring out what to do with my life when I retire. I have the ability to just fight, save money and plan when I want to retire. I could just walk away. “

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