The Knight family was the target of several accusations by the #SpeakingOut movement. Paige responded to these allegations by explaining how much her family meant to British professional wrestling. Her mother, Saraya Knight, announced that she would be leaving the professional fight due to the allegations.

During an interview on the Stone Cold Podcast, Paige recalled a rather interesting story that contradicts any outright denial The Knight Family may have.

Paige reportedly confirmed her family’s stories of abuse

Paige said that Daniel Bryan was hired for his family’s wrestling company in 2003. This went to a show where he was scheduled to fight three times in one night. No one picked up Bryan from the airport, so he had to report alone. So Paige admitted that one of the stories that appeared in Daniel Bryan’s autobiography about his famous family.

“This story is in his book and it is definitely about my father and my brother. [Bryan] He went into the locker room and had to find his own dressing room there and said, ‘I just see these two guys holding the other guy behind his back like this and the other guy hitting him in the stomach like that. ‘He says,’ Hey guys, this is Bryan da da da da da, ‘and my dad says,’ Oh, hi, I’m Ricky Knight, ‘and then he turns around and continues to punch this guy in the stomach. Then [Bryan] it goes. He comes back and sees my father and my brother hanging this boy by the window holding his feet, they were like four stories tall. “

Later, people began to apologize to Daniel Bryan and he did not understand why they said they were sorry. Bryan thought it was because he had to fight three times in a row.

Finally it was explained to Daniel Bryan that he witnessed something brutal, and he did not realize what was happening at the time. Apparently, the battered guy said something about the Knight Family, so Paige’s father and brother were giving him a corrective beating. Paige explained that they are very protective.

The charges against the Knight Family did not include this story, but could serve as an illustration of how the Knight Family did things.

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