Paga finds himself at the heart of a controversy concerning a soft drug which he promotes via his social networks. We explain everything in this article.

While the season of LMvsWorld5 in full swing and the candidates are in better shape than ever, it would appear that a candidate is caught in the turmoil. Indeed, Paga, the brother of heart of Greg, has not yet joined the house and is currently making a lot of noise on social networks.

Paga accused of “pushing vice”

The opening of a cannabis products store in Cagnes-sur-Mer is currently under debate, forcing the city to seek recourse. Indeed, the brand of Paga and its associates baptized Satyva is at the heart of a bad buzz. The sign would have been opened 270 meters from a high school, which poses serious ethical problems. Accused of “pushing the vice” Paga would also communicate a promo code to its followers “PAGA20”.

A dangerous ground when we know that the candidates of reality TV are followed by many suggestible teenagers. And even if these are products based on CBD (cannabidiol) a legal non-psychoactive substance unlike THC, the store is debating. Indeed some high school students say they are very tempted to walk through the door of this shop out of curiosity and because it is located right next door.

A high school student indicated that she did not want to discover Satyva:

It’s really not far from high school so it’s not terrible… Clearly, the heart of the targets is us! Young people what!

She continues:

They say that the products on offer help reduce stress, relieve pain, etc. But I don’t quite understand: there are pharmacies for that, doctors too. Unless the people who work there are experts, specialists. To sell these products, it is not enough to be famous like Paga or to be a salesman.

A “lack of transparency” that is the subject of debate

Another downside, the Marseille candidate is accused of deceiving his target and taking people for idiots. While the store belongs to him, he communicates on the products by suggesting that it is simply a partnership for which he is paid.

A shock for Internet users who find it particularly dishonest to detach themselves from their brand in this way. It was the Instagram account @marie_spy_news that shared the details of this case:

A bad buzz that recalls that of Maeva Ghennam and her panties supposed to “lift the buttocks”.

Other reality TV stars have been accused of scams like Jazz Correia or Carla Moreau.

Business to follow for the new business of Paga …

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