Wednesday May 27, 2020

The box of Bavaria did not manage to get strong in the WWK Arena and ended up distributing points with the bottom of the Bundesliga, after starring in a goalless draw at the close of the date 28 in the German tournament. The meeting was even and only clarity was lacking in the area in both casts.

A tie with the flavor of defeat for both of them. At WWK Arena, Augsburg and Paderborn failed to take advantage and ended up drawing goalless by the close of date 28 in the Bundesliga, a result that keeps the blue-black cast at the bottom of the table.

It was the homeowners who had control of the ball throughout the first half, although without managing to generate much damage in the bottom goal. What’s more, Paderborn was able to open the account thanks to Gerrit Holtmann, but the local goalkeeper avoided the goal.

After this action, the Bavarian team began to find a little more depth and with the options of Daniel Baier and Ruben Vargas, they approached the first goal of the match, but both attempts went off target.

The complement became more even, the visit managed to counteract the dominance of the ball that the albiverdes had, while both increased the number of dangerous shots. However, the lack of precision and the good performance of the goalkeepers prevented the scoreboard from changing and after the final whistle, none gained the advantage.

Although the result does not suit either, Paderborn suffered the most, with 19 points remaining as bottom of the Bundesliga, with very few options to save the category. Augsburg, meanwhile, reached 31 points to rank twelfth, far from relegation and international positions.

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