Paddy sweeps away with a tiny thong and not even Marcos Llorente can contain himself: “Peach”

I had maybe a little less active on Instagram for a few days, but Paddy is back in style with an impressive pose in which she appears in a bikini with a tiny thong during one of her last vacations. Patricia Noarbe, Marcos Llorente’s girlfriend For years, he has revolutionized social networks with those two photos he has published, receiving a whopping 10,000 ‘likes’ in just one hour.

“I love life even more than I planned,” wrote Paddy accompanying the images in a post that has also aroused interactions in the form of comments, such as the response of Marcos Llorente himself, who has not been able to resist the charms of his partner and has surrendered to his spectacular figure by sending him an emoticon of a peach , probably referring to his worked butt.

A Patricia Noarbe who continues to grow on Instagram, not only on a personal level in terms of followers and impact of her account, but also professionally with her project ‘Padyness’, in which he advises and helps his clients to have healthy lifestyle habits, to feel good and to take care of their body at the same time to achieve a figure ‘ten’ like yours.

Paddy already has almost 170,000 followers on his profile who delights with this type of poses and also with other types of publications such as healthy recipes, photos and videos of training to guide people who want to exercise, etc. A growth in which he always goes hand in hand with a Marcos Llorente whom he met when they were both teenagers. Both have grown up together and are still happy according to what they both show on Instagram, as the Atlético de Madrid player demonstrated on February 14 with his romantic Valentine’s Day greeting.