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Although he does not usually talk about his private life, the sports reporter, Paco Villa, agreed to talk about some more intimate things and told how is that fell in love from his stepsisterwho are you with married.

« My dad divorces and remarries, with Mrs. Ethel Bazán, whose daughter is Ethel Tamenow my wife ” town about the first time he met his wife in an interview for Canal de Javier Alarcón.

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Although they did not live together, on several occasions he met Ethel and that’s when the commentator on TUDN He began to fall in love with her: « We spent all December together, Christmas and New Years together, we eventually ate at family gatherings. »

The day they were made boyfriends It was very special for him, because it was the same one in which they announced that he would narrate his first soccer game for televised sports.

Paco Villa indicated that this 2020 they will comply 19 years married and he assures that he does not care about the criticism that some users on social networks have made him for having his partner stepsisterBecause her family accepted the relationship very well when it was revealed.